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Friday, February 22, 2008

going on 29 weeks!

We're almost on the home stretch! Everything is going well, my second glucose test came back good. I really grew last weekend and am experiencing more swelling at this point so I really need to watch my water intake and salt. I'm having another ultrasound in 3 more weeks.
We had a nice amount of snow today, I was really hoping we would get some more before the end of winter. Snow day from school= lots of knitting time. I had a trying day at school yesterday so I was very thankful not to be there today. I'm really tired of the lack of respect that some of our kids have. I was actually crying, probably because of my increased emotional state. It just makes me sad sometimes to see how some of them are never going to get it. On a better note I'm almost finished with the baby's latest outfit, pictures to follow soon.