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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kitty Pi Bed for Freddy

In better news I never got around to posting about the kitty pi bed I made for our Freddy. I made it with Noro Big Kureyon, it didn't quite felt like I would have liked it to and is a bit floppy. Freddy doesn't seem to mind too much though. It is my first felting project ever. I have to try to get a better picture of him during the day, he always closes his eyes at night. He is such a dear wee kitty, so friendly everyone falls in love with him.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sad day

I feel I have to write about what has happened to our dear Lucky. I am so thankful that we had her. She has taught Ryan about the touching spirit of animals and he will always remember her. She will rest in our hearts forever and our lives are all the richer for having had her.
What has happened to her could have been prevented and from here on out the rest of our animals will be protected. I am going to confront the animal ignornant owners and lay down the law. This is how it will be from now on no matter what, if you want your dog you will do this, otherwise I will see you in court and you will hear from a lawyer. What they did and are doing is unexcusable and unjustifiable for the dog and all other living creatures.
Lucky, dear lucky we will always love you dearly.