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Friday, August 19, 2005

Home sweet nearly finished home

My husband, son and I went looking at wood for the floors of the house my husband has been building for us this morning. We decided on a country grade ash, at a good price and hopefully with a rustic look. Our son is really excited about having his own room and I can't wait to have a knitting room and a nice kitchen.
We had a camp out at the lot this week with my son's buddies. We had so much fun chasing them around the house and yard after dark and telling stories by the fire. Our dog Daisy stayed in the tent with us, I woke up to her circling all of us sleeping in the tent apparently protecting us from the fiercesome deer outside the tent.
Only 10 more days until school starts, oh the lazy days of summer where have you gone?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shawl with my secret pal's yarn

Here's a recent finished knit of mine, a shawl I made with the beautiful yarn my secret pal sent me from New Mexico. I'm hoping to give it to a friend I worked with this summer if I can get together with her some time soon. recent

First day in Bloggerland!

My first day in bloggerland, yipee. I think it is easier than what I had thought but I shouldn't speak too soon.
Less than two weeks left until school starts, yikes. I actually miss the kids. It'll be great to see them all again, and get back into a routine. I've been enjoying these lazy summer days with my son, not having to worry about being anywhere and just doing what we feel like. He is becoming an amazing reader, he finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1 1/2 days time, mom is so proud of him!
Well, hopefully I can figure out this bloggy thingy!