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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving Day. We had a lovely day the boys split wood in the morning while I cooked and then we took a nice family walk through our woods and stream. I tried out a new recipe from Chamomile, wild rice pilaf which I think turned out pretty good. Alli loved the sweet potatoes the best. The cousins are extending the fun and having a sleep over at our place tonight, they have requested apple waffles for the morning.
I finally finished this hat for Alli, I made up the pattern on my own not too bad. Hopefully I will soon get some other projects done. We got this picture today and we couldn't get her to smile but it's still a nice one. She was a little tired out and will probably sleep well tonight. She is such a happy wee soul, we are truly blessed. I brought her to school with me yesterday and my kids couldn't get enough of her, they all wanted to hold her of course.
Looking forward to the rest of the weekend for some serious R & R. Love to everyone!