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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alli's Very First Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time last year Mommy was going out of her mind hoping to meet our little baby girl. I can't believe how fast the past year has went by. Ms. Alli has been taking her first steps for about two weeks now. She is such a dear sweet soul and makes all of us so very happy. She wakes us up with the biggest smile and loves to laugh.

We had a party for her Bis Nonna and Alli last weekend. She loved all the attention with her cousins crowding around her. I love this last picture with her contemplating what to do with her cake! She didn't do the traditional dive in she very carefully tasted it and then her cousins helped her out. In the first pic she has the cutest expression which I wasn't able to upload zoomed in. We will have another wee party for her this weekend, more pictures to follow. Thank you to all our friends and family.


Blogger prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday Alli! Wow! Hard to believe she's already a year old!!!

12:08 PM  

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