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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Why must you do this to me?
Crawling on Chewy my favorite activity

Firecracker baby sweater

Sea gull lace hat with beads
I made this for a teacher at work I love whose grandaughter
was recently diagnosed with cancer
Here's our little Easter bunny this morning, this oh so cute bunny hat was made by my bff Lucille. There's actually a little knitting content here as well. Ms. Alli is keeping us busy she stood on her own for the first time today and used the potty yesterday. I can't believe how cold it is today, hopefully we have warmer weather coming soon.
Off to finish my presentation for grad school. Love to everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie:

I love Alli with the Easter hat. She is getting so big. How old is she now? You mean she is already trying the potty? That is way advanced. You said she is standing on her own, does that mean she is taking steps?

Love, Cathy

3:18 AM  

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