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Monday, June 16, 2008

Allison is getting bigger already

Bella and Fred enjoying the top step
" I know I'm a cutie"
My arm kinda looks like a boob but it's not!
Hmm.... what trouble can I get into when
I'm only 2 weeks old
"Okay Mom put that camera down and
feed me already!"

Ms. Allison is getting bigger already! I haven't taken her to Aunt Laura's office yet to weigh her in but I think she just looks bigger. We had a big outing today to sign some papers for work and then on to my school to see a few of the people who supported Mommy this past year.
I peaked in a few of the classrooms and the kids went nuts to see her. It was nice to see them so excited. Allison did very well and slept through everything. Today was their last day of school so they were just hangin' out.
Daddy and Grandpa were working on the steps this weekend up to the solar water heater, in all this humidity. Grandpa sure is in great shape.
Knitting night is here tomorrow night, yey! Alli and I can't wait to see everyone.