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Monday, September 12, 2005

The best unsecret pal in the universe

My unsecret pal sent me this beautiful thoughtful package today. A subscription to a very cool read Breathe, burts hand care kit, knitting note cards, yummy yummy pumpkin candle and a book on celtic myths. It was so appreciated after having a dissapointing day, our cabinets for the house never did show up, after being on hold many times and phone calls the truck apparently broke down, geesh! Thanks so much Kerry. Now how to get Kerry back!

Baby guinea hen rules the house!

Our little baby guinea is so darn cute she is starting to take over. On Sunday I was making salsa so I let her hang out with me and where did she love to be but on the dog's bed. It's a good thing Daisy didn't find out, I think she would of been very upset. Then tonight my husband was letting her stand on his head! I don't think she will ever consider herself an outdoor shed living game bird judging from this.