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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What happened to my little sweet boy?

This is what my husband transformed our child into for Halloween. He thoroughly enjoyed being a wicked scary Gargoyle. We had a great time trick or treatin' on Main street and then here at home scaring the heck out of Ryan's cousins. Steve loves this holiday and went out to the Spirit store today to buy up numerous scary accessories today. One of these years I'm sure he will do a whole haunted yard at our house.
In knitting news I am finishing up my first cabling project, which is a purse for my mom. I'm halfway through the Hourglass sweater hopefully I can finish it by Thanksgiving.
The kids are really excited about our knitting club at school and I'm thinking about starting a blog for it. It is so fun to see the kids learning how to knit and feeling good about themselves.