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Saturday, May 24, 2008

40 weeks plus, waiting a little impatiently!

Baby's room progress with Sarah's pretty homeade blankie (on pram)
Sweet hand sewn diapers by Sarah
Wool soaker recently finished in 100% wool
40 weeks + belly pic
So we've had a bit of a screw up on when our little one is arriving. It turns out my due date has been wrong all along and we were actually due May 22nd. When I left the fertility doc he told me to have the Ob doc figure out my due date and all along we thought it was the 15th. When I went past that date I decided to give the fertility nurse a call, come to find out they sent my ob a letter in November to state my date as the 22nd. I finally got all of this cleared up yesterday and am feeling much better about things. The great news is all of my tests have been just right and I'm feeling good. This Thursday we'll have an induction if she doesn't decide to make an appearance between now and then.
Mommy's getting a little impatient to meet her. I did a few more things in her room and have washed her diapers plenty! The doggies are getting lots of exercise with me. I unfortunately have a case of poison ivy from them walking in it alongside the road so they are going to be getting a nice bath today. The garden has lettuce, chard, herbs, eggplant, beans, peas, kale, and tomatoes planted so far. Do you think someone has had a little time on her hands? Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend.