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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FO,self indulgence and IVF update

Saratoga Shrug
Pattern: Saratoga Needlworks
Yarn: Adirondack yarns cotton, colorway chili peppers
Time to complete: give or take 3 months

Here's a shrug I finished recently, I bought the yarn at the Knit Cafe in NY city last year at the Knit out. I got the pattern free in Saratoga Springs last summer. I had a difficult time getting the collar to fit correctly, it was way too tight so I frogged it back and used some huge needles.
Steve and I are in our IVF cycle now and things are going well. I'm feeling 100% better than in March and on ultrasound this morning I have 36 follicles. Which have the potential for a whole lotta eggs baby! The retrieval will likely be early next week. The doc says it looks like we'll be able to do a 5 day transfer which greatly increases our odds. I'm also doing accupuncture before and after the transfer.
I have been practicing a little self indulgence lately doing what I want, taking naps and best of all I had a massage this morning. It was absolutely the best thing I have done for myself ever. Will update soon, keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, August 20, 2007

UD Party and Garden Eye Candy

Steve invited a few friends over from UD this past weekend and we had a bangin' time. They are all younger than us and a lot of fun. A few of us, (not me) played a lil' drinkin' game which I have never seen before it was freaking hilarious. I hope they come back when they are home at Christmas.

I threw in some pics of my garden. The lovely green stuff is baby bok choi, a pretty dhalia, lil' watermelon that creeped into Mr.T's territory. So far Mr. T hasn't devoured said melon but time will see, Steve said maybe he's just waiting until it's ripe!