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Monday, August 20, 2007

UD Party and Garden Eye Candy

Steve invited a few friends over from UD this past weekend and we had a bangin' time. They are all younger than us and a lot of fun. A few of us, (not me) played a lil' drinkin' game which I have never seen before it was freaking hilarious. I hope they come back when they are home at Christmas.

I threw in some pics of my garden. The lovely green stuff is baby bok choi, a pretty dhalia, lil' watermelon that creeped into Mr.T's territory. So far Mr. T hasn't devoured said melon but time will see, Steve said maybe he's just waiting until it's ripe!


Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh how I love that Mr. Tumnus!

Beautiful garden pics, as always! :)

10:19 AM  

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