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Friday, February 01, 2008

Baby room, Ry kicking -ss! and Week 27

Our Master Ryan kicked some major butt and won second for the league tournament. He also had his band concert last week and it was so sweet. He played a litttle for Aunt Ellen last weekend and I was so impressed. He came up with a cute name for the baby last week, Allison. I threw in a picture of the baby room after we painted it. I had a hard time getting a good pic of the color, it's called yellow frost. I went down to Ikea and picked up some sweet girl's room stuff too.
My belly is growing just right for 27 weeks and the baby is measuring up too! I'm having a wee bit of swelling and tiredness but other than that am good and so excited. Steve and I were like little kids last night talking about how we can't wait till she gets here.
I got to stay home today as school was closed, yey! We had our teacher student basketball game yesterday and I was so irked because they didn't announce the girl's teams names and they only gave them 9 minutes playing time. I can't believe that kind of sexism still happens in the year 2008! I'd like to write an anonymous letter about how wrong it was from a parent's perspective. Enough gripin' hope all is well with everyone.


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