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Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby booties and my pretty bedroom

Pretty New Bedroom done by Grandma

13 weeks baby bump!

Pattern: Natural Baby Knits Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill

It's been a mighty long time since I've updated this here blog. There's been lots going on here at the Nowacki house. I had a short stay in the hospital and a lovely visit from my mum. We had a very sad loss of one of our twins but the other baby is doing well and growing just as she should.

My mum came when I had some trouble and it was such a blessing to have her here. She cooked up a storm and prettied up our bedroom. The best part is a beautiful lamp made by a glassblower back home. I love its reflection on the wall.She also spoiled Mr. Ryan to the max. The went out for quite the adventure to the Toy Store, when they couldn't find it in Danbury Ry told her trust me Grandma Waterbury isn't far away. I guess kids will do what it takes when it comes to having grandma's spoil them.
I've also had some nice visits with some great friends Mary, Lucille and Trudy. I love having company so if anyone else wants to stop on by and knit or have tea and chat just give a holla.
I'm feeling good now and have a nice baby bump as you can see in the picture. I had my last visit with the fertility doc last week and was sad to say goodbye because everyone was so nice there. According to the chinese calendar it's a girl and I feel as though it is but in a few weeks we will hopefully find out on ultrasound. I made these baby booties a few weeks back, I really like the red color. I'm currently working on a sweater for my mum to take down South with her in the Spring. The pattern is a little tricky,I'm hoping to get it done soon.


Anonymous Jessica said...

Love your cute baby bump! And you look so happy! How wonderful.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Mary Helen said...

I was there, people. That room is pretty!! Love the baby bump, Jennie! I hope its a girl too, then you can have one awesomely great boy and one awesomely great girl! Plus Ryan would be the BEST big brother a little girl could want. :)

3:30 PM  

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