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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joyeux Noel!

Busy here at the Nowacki house getting ready for the big holiday. Ryan decorated the tree all by himself this year and had Steve and I cracking up last night when he asked us who Knowle is because one of the ornaments said Noel. We had fun cutting our tree, it just about touches the ceiling! I've been doing lots of crafting and knitting and will post pictures soon. I'm making scarves for all the neices and a few other relatives.
I have an ultrasound on the 27th to confirm but looks like we have a baby girl in our near future. It's been good to be back at school, never a dull moment. The kids have noticed how much I'm showing and one of them told me my belly is beautiful. That student is definitely getting an A!


Anonymous Anne G. said...

What a nice family picture! You look great!

2:00 PM  

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