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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My fun filled knitting weekend

This weekend I had the luck of enjoying the art of knitting all weekend. On Saturday we had our scissor squad De-stash party of 2006 here at my house. For pics go to Sarah's lovely blog at www.scissorina.com. We had a sweet time and I scored much wonderful yarns and books. I adore all of the friends that I have met through the squad and it was so nice to have them here at our house.
On Sunday I headed into the city with a great group of gals that belong to the Naugatuck Valley Knitting guild. We hit the NYC Knit out and also some nice yarn shops. The Knit-out was cool but had a few too many "I'll elbow you out of the way to get some free crap" knitters, I never knew there was such a creature. Anyways I had a great time was had nevertheless. For pics of the knit out go to Tammy's informative blog at www.deputyknittersblog.blogspot.com. Peace out y'all.


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