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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Moi, moi!

Sarah tagged me a long time ago for this, and I must say I have not responded in a timely manner. With the move and not having dsl until this week I have been a bad blogger. But anyways here goes,

what is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?
I would have to say I love everything by Colinette, but the price. I really love Manos del Uraguay too.

your favorite needles?
I like circulars, and of course the mercedes of knitting needles lantern moon's, rosewood are beautiful. I like both addis, and bamboo, everything else I have a hard time knitting with.

the worst thing you've ever knit/crocheted?
I would have to say a hat I found while we moved that I tried to make for Ryan. I had the idea to make him a long stocking hat but no pattern. So being a relatively new knitter I thought I would wing it. The result, something Steve and I both called the condom hat upon finding it during the move. It is freakin hilarious.

your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)
I would have to say a simple shawl I made this summer with Manos cotton stria, it was a pattern by a spinnery here in Ct. I love me some instant gratification and this was it.

most valuable knitting technique?
I have to agree with Sarah that having nerves of steel is essential to this craft. The most valuable technique would be one that I have not learned yet and that is inartasia.

best knit book or magazine?
I'm not that well read as far as knitting books and magazines go but I do like Interweave. A recent gift of Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets will soon prove to be invaluable from the quick glance I have had of it.

your favorite knit-a-long?
I haven't done a kal yet so I can't say.

your favorite knitblogs?
I of course have to say my fellow scissor squadsters because they are the main ones I read. Scissorina, Purls of Hope, Scribble Nation, and Chutka.

your favorite knitwear designer?
I would have to say that although I will never posess the ability to knit any of his designs, Kaffe Fassett has some pretty cool stuff. I haven't knit enough yet to know who else but I do like a lot of Colinette's designs.


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