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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thank you Sarah

Sarah gave me this lovely hemp yarn for my birthday and the oh so sweet llama card. I'm looking forward to trying hemp yarn for the first time, mmmmm what should I make with it? Any suggestions are more than welcome. Notice the winterberry branches in the background, I found them down by the stream on a family walk last week. I planted one of these down at the house this past spring. I can't wait to work in our garden more this coming year.
Sunday I took the cubscouts on an interesting hike at Kettletown. We got a little lost, but in the end found our way to a beautiful scenic overlook of lake zoar. Can you tell the boys look a little frustrated with my map interpreting skills?


Anonymous Sarah said...

You are ever so welcome! :)

Check out my blog... you've been tagged for a meme!!!

5:18 PM  

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