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Sunday, June 08, 2008

How can you resist her?

ready to go for Aunt Ellen's pool
Beautiful flowers sent for her arrival
Big brother Ryan's (center) concert
Little miss Allison is doing very well and so is the rest of the family. Grandma from Canada is here for a visit this weekend. She took big brother down to Mystic today to give him some special time with her. Mommy has figured out she can nurse and knit at the same time, yipee! The boppy pillow is definitely getting a lot of use.
Daddy's been working hard all week. Today's project is building steps up to the hill in back for a solar water heater. We are having a serious heat wave here so I'm a little concerned about him sweating so much in the sun.
Big thank you's to everyone for the support, cards and presents. Allison is one lucky little girl to have so many people who love her.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Lord, that is one cute baby, Jennie! That pic with the sunglasses is toooooo adorable! :D I can't wait to meet her! Glad to hear everything is going well for the fam - see you soon! xoxo

9:33 AM  

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